Our Partners

In addition to our Flagship Partner, The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough; we have organically grown NavaCup to now include: The Albion Boys & Girls Club, Peel Region Boys & Girls Club and the University of Toronto – IMANI Program at Scarborough Campus!

The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough is a safe, accessible, well known place where East Scarborough children and youth, from birth to 19, and their caregivers, from all cultural and economic backgrounds, can come to participate in well funded and powerfully staffed social, recreational and educational programs that are intentionally designed to enhance their growth, personal development and potential as contributing members of society.

Many of the youth that come through the doors of the Boys & Girls Club have no access to a computer within their home. They benefit directly from the computer lab within the club, however to level the playing field with their peers, many of these students require a computer at home to prepare homework and assignments, conduct research, or have a sense of belonging within the connected community.

Partnering with The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough, NavaCup raises funds to donate computers annually to the club. Students are asked to submit papers on a variety of subjects. Based on the review panel’s assessment of the applicant’s work, their need, and the number of computers available a list of recipients is chosen. It is the goal of NavaCup to make sure that the number of netbooks we donate annually allows the list of recipients to grow as well.


The IMANI Mentorship Program was created to support the personal and academic goals of Scarborough high school and middle school students, with a focus on youth within the Black community. Through this program, students experience various aspects of post-secondary life, develop relationships with university students, faculty and staff and acquire valuable resources that positively impact their development and growth. The program is committed to helping each student realize their full potential.
Participants are encouraged to expand their leadership and interpersonal skills, achieve academic success, and develop the confidence to pursue higher education opportunities.