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Game Day Rules & Team Tee Off Times

We apologize for the delay in getting this out.  But golf courses get weekly updates via the Gov of Ontario.  We wanted to ensure that anything sent would be Final-Final.  Here are some of the game day activities:  

  • Find your foursome below
  • If you start on the Red Tees you’ll move to the Blue Tees after the 9th hole
  • If you start on the Blue Tees you’ll move to the Yellow Tees after the 9th hole
  • The rules of the scramble tournament is also posted on the sidebar on the right
  • You are allowed to be at Glen Eagle no ealier than 45mins before your Tee off time
  • Upon completion of the tournament, you will be treated to an outdoor meal consisting of: Hamburger/Hot Dog/Sausage and a non-alcoholic beverage.  Alcohol would be extra
  • Please bid at our Auction HERE. You have until 9pm Sunday 26th! Bid with confidence!

Start on Red Move to BlueTee Off TimeStart on Blue Move to Yellow
1Tony Caporaletti11:30Janet Gouveia
Ganesh Navaratnarajah11:30Gloria Jones
Steve Elvins11:30Susan Somerscales
Robert11:30Walter Zanatta
2Dilan Frost11:40Shamila Frost
Justin Frost11:40Linda Harrison
Blake Harrison11:40Lorena Courneya
Charles Speranza11:40Carol Moscaro
3Young Hwang11:50Martin Booth
Lucas Hwang11:50Scott Booth
Shyn Huh11:50Brendan Walther
Michael Whang11:50Dave Reid
4Brandon Boorman12:00Sam Comisarow
Scott Gray12:00Josh Klein
Del Savio Pereira12:00Aron Shuter
Player 412:00Luke Cole
5Sonny Bell12:10Liz Dipchand
Tony Yu12:10Greg Prekupec
Ezio Melaragno12:10Jeannine Branion
Joe Malek12:10Trevor Branion
6Shane Whalen12:20Daniel Correia
Linds12:20Mark Harrison
Rick Greenspoon12:20Boris Isakov
Geoff Matheson12:20Simon Nassar
7Kevin Khan12:30Lisa Lemon
Vince Joseph12:30Lisa Dymond
Corey Cloutier12:30Elizabeth Karpowicz
Rami Abu-Hantash12:30Cindy Craik
8Jeff Himenga12:40Chris Lambert
Colin Bradford12:40Matt Kaucar
Michelle Boutin12:40Dave Quinn
Cheryl Foster12:40Jasmin Cull
9Daniel Nieto12:50Jason Thompson
Kalsa Player12:50Allan Thompson
Bill Mason12:50Aaron McIntosh
Tip Tap Pay Player12:50Matt Macdonald
10Shawn Jones1:00Dan Philips
Johnny Base-Bursey1:00Simon Tobin
Chris Fong1:00Tom Redmond
Glenn Imperial1:00Graham Douglas
11Basil Brown1:10Kirk Seeley
Daniel Darwin1:10Chris Seeley
Grant Stockwell1:10Munir Nasser
Harris Mohammed1:10Stu Perry
12Ginny Pearce1:20Brett Wines
Steve Ramstead1:20Amit Pandit
Dakota Secours1:20Milan Amini
Alex Siroishka1:20Jen Page
13Lanny Barcelos1:30
Rahul Chawla1:30
Kui Pompei1:30
Player 41:30

NavaCup 13 – We’re back! Saturday September 25th!

Team, following our health and safety protocols – NavaCup 13 (N13) will be different than prior years but similar to last year:

-Please Join us once again at Glen Eagle in Caledon, ON

-A 11:30am Tee off!

-No more than 18x teams of 4. Our sponsors already have teams set so please register ASAP – as we’re open.

-It will be a staggered start from midday – for 1h20mins. As teams will be released in 10min intervals.

-Depending on Ontario’s phases – You will receive a boxed lunch at the midway point or may have a late lunch/dinner BBQ served as soon as you get off the green

– we are currently approved for 120 outdoors with the proper health protocols (social dist etc)

-A small social distance awards/celebration/speech at the conclusion as we will have to vacate the premesis relatively quickly.

-We will not feature prior recipients/award winners from the past to speak.

-Technically we can’t call this a ‘Tournament’ per se – but will call this our mid-day tee off event. Best Ball/Scoring system same as last year

-There will be no silent auctions on premesis.

-More to follow soon..but for now, round out your teams & sign up!


We Raised $8000!

In a down year with unbelievably challenging times – thanks to you, we WILL still be able to make a difference!

Stay tuned – for future updates of Laptops and awards!