NavaCup 12 – We’re back! Saturday September 26th!

Well folks – Kudos to you all for staying home, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. As a result of months of difficulty – we have now been given (Toronto & Peel Region) Phase 3 clearance by the government of Ontario ( announced July 29th). What does this means? It means that NavaCup 12 (N12) is back on!!!

Now, this will be different from prior years – but just getting out to tee off this year will be a bonus. This is how N12 will be different:

-No more than 18x teams of 4. Our sponsors already have teams set so please register ASAP – as we’re open.

-It will be a staggered start from midday – for 1h20mins. As teams will be released in 10min intervals.

-You will receive a boxed lunch at the midway point

-A small social distance awards/celebration/speech at the conclusion as we will have to vacate the premesis relatively quickly.

-We will not feature prior recipients/award winners from the past to speak.

-Technically we can’t call this a ‘Tournament’ per se – but will call this our mid-day tee off event. Best Ball/Scoring system same as last year

-There will be no silent auctions on premesis.

-More to follow soon..but for now, round out your teams & sign up!